The charming and princely state of the spectacular Northeastern India, Tripura is nourished with numerous architectural splendor and breathtaking natural beauties. This state is embellished with numerous beautiful lakes, not so high mountains, rich density of wildlife structure and ancient yet royal temples. If you have a travel freak soul, then you have to visit […]

Previously known as a princely state, Tripura has gained the status of an independent state of India on January 21, 1972, it is a very small yet beautiful state of northeastern India. The territory of Tripura is mainly hilly in nature; the altitude is varying from 60 to 3085 ft above from the sea level. […]

Romantic spring is knocking the door with its tremendously beautiful festival called “Holi”, in Santiniketan this splashy event is celebrated as “Basanto Utsav”. The ethnicity of the Basanto Utsav in Santiniketan will definitely take you to the ultimate state of happiness and prosperity, in this particular time the atmosphere of Santiniketan become too much interactive […]