Previously known as a princely state, Tripura has gained the status of an independent state of India on January 21, 1972, it is a very small yet beautiful state of northeastern India. The territory of Tripura is mainly hilly in nature; the altitude is varying from 60 to 3085 ft above from the sea level. The social structure of India is primarily structured with a number of Tribal groups; you can also see a huge residential density of Manipuri and Bengali communities in this state. The customs of each and every tribal group are different, the rich cultural ethnicity is giving flexibility to every cultures. With the help of Tripura tourism authorized travel agent, you can easily discover the different cultural significance of this eminent state.

Cultures of the tribes of the Tripura:

A range of human communities are living in Tripura from a long period of time and these communities are mainly known as tribe communities of Tripura. From this large number of tribal groups, Tripuri tribe group is covering the maximum population of this state. Tribe groups have some specific types of dance forms, the Garia and Lebang Boomani are the most popular and preeminent folk dance forms of the Tripuri tribe groups.
There exists another popular and well populated tribe group of Tripura named Reang tribe, it is lacking from the proper educational and economical independence. With Tripura tourism authorized travel agent, you can experience the life style of them. From the early 15th century this community inhabits in this spectacular land. Chakma tribal group of Tripura believes in Buddhism and this particular group is sub divided into other groups. Mog tribes are the inhabitants of Tripura from 957 AD; they are also devotee of Buddha.

Bengali Influence in Tripura:

If you are planning your trip to the spectacular Tripura with any Tripura tourism authorized travel agent, then after visiting this state you can realize the influence of Bengal over Tripura. A large number of Population of Tripura is basically Bengalis, the culture and life style of Bengal is tremendously influence the life structure and society of Tripura. You can find Bengali speaking people in each and every street of Tripura, the cultural and religious base of this state is getting pushed by the culture of Bengal. The Great Rabindranath Tagore is tremendously popular for his magnificent creations; the artists of Tripura are immensely inspired by the mastery of the best Bengali Nobel Laureate- Rabindranath Tagore.

Festivals of Tripura:

The festival of Tripura comprises both cultural and religious structure. The cosmopolitan culture of Tripura is enriched with happening celebrations of numerous festivals. The major population of Tripura believes in Hinduism, so, the festivals those are celebrated in this state are very common festivals of India. Plan your trip with Tripura tourism authorized travel agent and explore the festive mood of this state.
In the month of April, you can visit Tripura to join in the festival named Ashokastami at Unakoti, in July Kharchi festival, in August Manasa Mangal, in November Diwali is celebrated in Tripura like rest of the country.
When it is about cultural festival, Tripura celebrates the Orange and Tourism festival at Jampui Hill range in the month of November, Rabindra and Najrul Jayanti in May, Book fair in January and many more.

With the cultural dignity, Tripura is evolving with numerous special structures and values. Come and visit this enigmatic state with the association of very well known Tripura tourism authorized travel agent, “Rasoitours”.