The charming and princely state of the spectacular Northeastern India, Tripura is nourished with numerous architectural splendor and breathtaking natural beauties. This state is embellished with numerous beautiful lakes, not so high mountains, rich density of wildlife structure and ancient yet royal temples. If you have a travel freak soul, then you have to visit this incredible tribal kingdom. With the association of Tripura tourism authorized travel agent, you can easily live the history of different tribal kingdoms and feel the spell bounding natural beauties. You can see the blend of different tribal cultures with the cultures of Bengalis; this blend has created a very unique form of diversities. Before planning an incredible tour in this amazing place, you should plan a proper itinerary. From this discussion you will get a proper idea about the incredible Tripura and can easily plan a short yet exciting tour.

Ujjayanta Palace:

Agartala, the incredible capital of this beautiful state is embellished with various types of historical monuments and structures. Ujjayanta Palace the grand palace of Tripura and it is situated at the bank of a calm lake, just in the opposite side of Jagannath temple. The eminent white building was built by the former king of Tripura, Radha Kishore Manikya, in the time period of 1899 to 1901. This palace is now known as a full-fledged museum and also recognized as the biggest museum of North-East India.

Neermahal Palace:

With an acclaimed Tripura tourism authorized travel agent, you can easily include this spectacular palace to your destination list. Neer Mahal or the water palace is situated in the Rudrasagar Lake; the picturesque view of this historical mahal is spell bounding. After reaching there, you can easily take a boat ride, this is the one any only way to reach at that palace. This outlandish Mahal is divided into two parts; the western side is the Andar Mahal, in this area the royal family members are used to live. The part situated in the eastern region is beautifully designed for conducting various entertainment activities; totally this palace is equipped with 24 rooms.

Matabari, Udaipur:

The sacred temple of Tripura Sundari Devi, known as Matabari is situated in Udaipur. There are many devotional visitors come with the association of Tripura tourism authorized travel agent to pay homage to Tripura Sundari Devi. This pilgrimage site is one of the most popular attractions in Agartala, it is known as Matabari temple or Tripureswari Temple. This temple is one of the most famous Shakti Peethas of India. Behind this temple, there is a big pond where you can easily feed fishes. This Shakti peeth is less crowded than other sacred Peethas of India.


Unakuti is situated 135km away from Agartala City, it is a scared religious site situated at the Kailasahar subdivision of Tripura. This incredibly well-known heritage site is well equipped with various types of cultural elements; it is a perfect treat for heritage lovers and history buffs. With a proper Tripura tourism authorized travel agent, you can discover the sculpted hilly terrains with the images of Uma-Maheshwar, Five-faced Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman, Ravana and Ganesha.

Jumpai hill:

Situated 250 km away from the Agartala City, Jumpai hill range is the highest hill range of Tripura, it is also known as “seat of the Spring”. Well structured with very pleasant weather and spectacular landscapes, this hill range is eminent with the heavenly natural serenity. The incredible surrounding of this hill range is dotted with beautiful wooden structures of the tribal communities like Lushai. You can easily gather some ideas about their lifestyles from this place.Other than these places, Tripura is cultivated with numerous beautiful places and structures. Come with “Rasoitours”, the well known Tripura tourism authorized travel agent and discover the natural as well as historical elements of Tripura.